Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Day is Beginning

Well today marks the beginning of Brianna's walk into Young Women. Wow just a few years ago it was just going to Primary and enjoying watching her in Activity Days which she now feels she is too old for. Tonight is New Beginnings in Young Women and she will be spotlighted and welcomed into this group. She is excited and can't wait to be with her friends by the way most of whom will be moving from Beehives to Mia Maids but they will be together in joint and mutual activities. She is growing up soo fast and I just want to sit on her and keep her little but can't do that. She is growing into a beautiful young woman and we are soo proud of her. Keep going Brianna we Love You Very Much.. Mom and Dad

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Anonymous said...


You are a lovely young woman. Take what God has given you and be the best you can be. Follow him and he will lead you in the right way.

Uncle Jerry