Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Feeling soo Hot!!

Wow what a wonderful weekend helping out Warren in Cally. I started coming down with something and it got worse and by Sat morning I was sick..... Soo Warren got me to the room and I napped for a couple hours and felt pretty good. Went down and started helping and about 2 hours into the job I passed out.. Yep right there on the floor.. Poor Warren he later told me that I was the first woman to ever pass out on him. Well after 50 years it was about time don't ya

I got home okay. Went to Dr. on Monday and I have strep and pneunomia. Yay ME!! and to top it all off Roark has strep too and I have company while houseridden.. He goes back to school tomorrow Yay!!!

And How was your

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Terri H said...

apparently much better than yours... Your in my prayers girly- always...