Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ok, where to begin

We are the Park Family - Barry, Rhonda, Brianna, Roark and of course our two cats Baby and Precious. We moved to Logan Utah with Barry coming first in May and then the kids followed in June after what felt like an eternity away from Daddy. The kids still had two weeks left of school but we had a conversation and decided we wanted to be with Daddy.

Here we are! We love living in Logan! It is beautiful and surrounded by mountains all the way around. Tree mountains to the east and Rock Mountains to the west.

Bri is loving being a 6th grader at Mount Logan Middle School. She comes home with a different story every day. This person did this, the teacher did this.. and of course she has most definitely found out boys are very fun to talk to! She has also decided she wants to play the flute. She is actually pretty good and I find it easy to listen to her practice unless I'm on the phone and then it is Bri take it upstairs pleaseeeee.... She is a lovely young lady and I hope we can keep her going in the right direction.

Roark well what can I say about Mr. Roark. He is still his loveable full of energy self. He loves being in the 3 rd grade. He has wonderful teachers who are really helping him advance. His ADHD is under what I would call control as long we remember to put on his patch. We have great days with that on and the few days we forget (meaning MOM forgets) we have very active His grades are on the rise all the time and his reading is getting wonderful. He still loves to build with his Lego's and he is very good at making paper airplanes. He just got his Wolf Badge in Cub Scouts and he is very proud of that.. He told me he can't wait to get his Arrow of Light. Told him he would have to wait on that but work hard and he would get it.

Barry is doing good at work. He really likes his job and comes home satisfied that he did a good days work. He had made a few accaintences there and comes home with some doozies of stories some days. Some days it is just fall off your chair laughter. He had a new calling at church that keeps him very busy a couple nights a week and he seems to be enjoying that also. We will be married 14 years on the 18th of December. Wow I can't believe how the time has flown by.

Me, keeping busy doing the Mom thing still. I get the kids off to school by 7:30 and then I have all my stuff to work on. I am still trying to do my Tupperware business and I'm looking at another business but mostly that one will be for myself. I still love doing photo work and I am hoping to go back to school after the first of year to get into Graphic Arts. Wish me luck there. I am busy with my Young Womens calling at church and that is a very big challenge. I love them and they are alot of fun.

As Christmas comes upon us again I am sitting here wondering how my family and friends are this season. I miss them and wish I could be every where at once to spend time with them. You are never far from my heart and mind. Hoping this keeps us closer and at least you won't be wondering what we are

Here is to new Beginnings


Terri H said...

Can't wait to see what happens next... Love ya!!

Sarah said...

You did it I am so happy for you! I love it I will have to have you show me what to do to make mine! Love ya, Sarah

Bemmer said...

Well! Protraying yourself and domestic godess when those that really know you as a high tech, geek, stright shooting Momma. Nise view. Do more pixs. Geo